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Hope and a Future is one of the best ways to describe the motivation behind Skip’s business position. Dr. Stephen Covey, the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, told us to “Begin with the end in mind.” Keep the end in mind and never lose hope in the pursuit of your dreams and the future you deserve.

This is the best advice for anyone with a dream or ambition to achieve genuine long-term success. Always keep the hope and always believe in the best of what the future has to offer. Those who lead the way and set the standard are always those who have clear direction including goals along the way.

Skip served in the Navy’s Submarine service in his early years. Those who serve in the military, learn that your principle responsibility is the safety and well being of those you serve with. Leadership and commitment have always been principal values as learned in the service. 

In the nineties, Skip applied his vision in the early stages of the coffee phenomenon in Seattle Washington. Skip’s vision and marketing efforts produced millions of dollars in sales and helped to set the standards for literally thousands of coffee entrepreneurs. Later, as VP of Marketing and Training, Skip was influential in achieving over a million dollars in the sales of specialty Italian food products.

Today Skip brings his knowledge and experience to the world of online marketing. Skip’s understanding of consumer habits and industry trends makes him the perfect coach for anyone wanting to become successful, independent entrepreneurs.

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Anytyhing is possible when you know what you want and you are ready to do what it takes. If you don’t have your own vision you will be a slave to someone else’s vision. Material possesions are markers along the way. The real prize is the freedom to make choices.

What does your “Dream Board” look Like?

The Mission

When you consider that 96% of those who enter the world of online marketing never reach their goal it is important to avoid the mistakes that are common road blocks to success. This site and my personal objective is to assist in the journey to becoming fully independent and ultimately successful in your business objectives. Simply put, I am here to walk with you as you take this “Step by Step” journey.

This will be the last stop you will ever need in developing and maintaining a lifestyle of time and financial freedom.

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