Meet Skip McNutt

Hello and welcome to my site. the heading here is “Meet Skip McNutt.” Let me begin by saying that there comes a time when you can apply the lessons learned, the life experiences, as well as the wins and losses of life’s journey. I believe it’s fair to say that not every effort in life has worked out as planned. However, I do believe that every effort becomes an important factor in the choices we make as we move forward.

I started my career path as a chef. I went to culinary school in the Navy and was active in the submarine service a little over 4 years. Hard work, discipline and a daily commitment to excellence was a required foundation in that position.

From those beginnings I progressed to several different management positions. I discovered a natural progression into marketing and training.

I can honestly say that I have never stopped learning. We are kidding ourselves if we believe that we know all there is to know and we can just sit back cruse to success.

I have led the charge in developing more than one multimillion-dollar business. Today I am having more fun than I have ever had. There is nothing like having your own business whose primary objective is to help others succeed.

There are certain things that have not changed over the years. Human nature is what it is. With all the advances in technology as well as the ups and downs of the economy people are still motivated by the same fundamentals. There will always be leaders and followers. Leaders are seldom satisfied with status quo. Followers tend to simply accept their situation believing that its all there is.

Let me encourage you. Those who will commit to the process of building a better life can accomplish anything they want in life. Building a business or any worthwhile endeavor, starts with building yourself. Take time to have a clear vision of what you want in life. Know your reason why. What drives you. Your reason why needs to be so important that will not allow anyone to steal your dream.

My purpose is to act as a navigator, as you deal with the certainty of challenges along the way. “Success is the daily realization of a worthwhile ideal of goal.” The journey is where you find joy in your daily life.

I’m ready if you are ready to accept the challenge and embrace the victories no matter how small of large. Come with me for an amazing experience.

Welcome and thank you for stopping in.

I look forward to getting to know each other.

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Anytyhing is possible when you know what you want and you are ready to do what it takes. If you don’t have your own vision you will be a slave to someone else’s vision. Material possesions are markers along the way. The real prize is the freedom to make choices.

What does your “Dream Board” look Like?

The Mission

When you consider that 96% of those who enter the world of online marketing never reach their goal it is important to avoid the mistakes that are common road blocks to success. This site and my personal objective is to assist in the journey to becoming fully independent and ultimately successful in your business objectives. Simply put, I am here to walk with you as you take this “Step by Step” journey.

This will be the last stop you will ever need in developing and maintaining a lifestyle of time and financial freedom.

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