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Hope and a Future is one of the best ways to describe the motivation behind Skip’s business position. Dr. Stephen Covey, the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, told us to “Begin with the end in mind.” Everyone has a future. Keep the end in mind and never lose hope in the pursuit of your dreams and the future you deserve.

This is absolutely the best advice ever given to anyone with a dream or ambition to achieve genuine long-term success. Always keep the hope and always believe in the best of what the future has to offer. Those who lead the way and set the standard are always those who have clear direction including goals along the way.

In the nineties, Skip applied his vision in the early stages of the coffee phenomenon in Seattle Washington. Skip’s vision and marketing efforts produced millions of dollars in sales and helped to set the standards for literally thousands of coffee entrepreneurs. Later, as VP of Marketing and Training, skip was influential in achieving over a million dollars in the sales of specialty Italian food products.

Today Skip brings his knowledge and experience to the world of online marketing. Skip’s understanding of consumer habits and industry trends makes him the perfect coach for anyone wanting to become successful, independent entrepreneurs.

Anyone with a passion for a better life, with financial and time freedom, can make it happen with proper coaching and encouragement.

The Four Percent Success Challenge, (Step by Step instruction) with hands-on coaching is your ticket to long-term success including multiple streams of income. Why go it alone when you can partner with a coach and mentor who’s been there and done that! Those who take the challenge will never regret it.


Lessons Learned

What does a submarine have to do with online marketing? For me there are lessons learned that have stayed with me all life.  When you a part of a team of people you must be alert and constantly aware of your personal roll. You can’t put off you responsibilities because you are tiered or not in the mood. One of the first asks was the qualification process. Those who qualify will earn their Dolphins. Dolphins are the equivalent of wings to a pilot. Qualification means you are trained and equipped to respond in emergencies, regardless of where you are on the boat or the nature of the emergency. Qualification means you need to know and be proficient with every valve, electrical system, hydraulic system and operating system on the boat. Lives depend on it.

So, how dose that relate to business? Successful entrepreneurs never achieve success on their own. On one hand you want to be independent. On the other hand, you are a leader by default. You will set an example for others. You will also attract followers based on your reputation and trustworthiness.

I can’t over emphasize this point. Effective online marketing requires a mastery of systems, tools, and strategies.  The process does represent a challenge. FEAR NOT! It is like anything else. One step at a time. I call your attention to the Four Percent Success Challenge. The Challenge is a step by step instruction program that will walk you through everything you need to know. When I was in the submarine service, we had schematics that laid everything out, step by step so that you didn’t leave anything out. This is the same. You learn and master mass traffic generation and conversations as you become a true top 4% income earner.

Are you serious about your future and the chance to build your dream life style? I encourage you to believe in yourself. Take the Challenge and go where you may never have thought possible. You can do this!

The Mission

My mission is to open the door of opportunity according to the hopes and dreams of those who see more, want more, and are willing to stretch for the goal.

There are those who are happy with life and fulfilled in the pursuit of their passions. That is a good thing and an important function in culture. If you are happy, and you are making progress toward your personal objectives, you don’t want anyone stealing your dreams and aspirations.
Over the years I have encountered thousands of individuals who work hard in jobs that fall short of the providing the life of their dreams. I talk with people who feel stuck and frozen in a substandard life style. My goal is to open the door to the kind of change that makes it possible to rise above substandard circumstance and truly pursue personal life style dreams.

Auae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sut explicabo. Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aut odit aut fugit sed quia consequunte.

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